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All types of visas granted extension until May 12, 2020

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All types of visas granted extension until May 12, 2020
The Immigration and Emigration Department extended the validity period of all types of visas issued to foreigners who are currently residing in Sri Lanka until May 12, 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation presently prevailing the country.

Accordingly, the validity period of all types of visas had been extended for a period of 30 days from March 14 to April 12, 2020.

According to the Immigration and Emigration Department will later inform the procedure to pay the relevant visa fee and on getting the visa endorsed to the relevant parties at a later

An extension will also be applied to the validity period of the acknowledgment issued for the applications already submitted to the Department of Immigration and Emigration to
obtain visas for another period of 30 days until May 12, 2020.

If any foreigner intends to leave the country during the given period, a request to obtain your passport along with a scan copy of the acknowledgment and the flight ticket should be


All the decisions with regard to imposition of curfew, selection of localities to implement curfew and declaration of isolated areas are being taken at the highest level of the Government following an in-depth analysis of data received.
If there is any information that suggests changes to ongoing curfew hours at any place, the same should be forwarded to the Presidential Task Force on prevention of COVID – 19.
The Government announces that no decision should be taken at the regional level which can cause disruption of civilian life.

UGC postpones University Registration for the academic year 2020

The University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Prof. Sampath Amaratunga issuing a statement said that the UGC has postponed the deadline for university registration for the academic year 2020 two weeks.
Accordingly, the UGC announced that the deadline which was set for lastday (26) has been extended until April 09.
However, Prof. Amaratunga noted that, the current situation would be monitored, adding that the UGC stands ready to put off the new deadline in order to prevent any inconveniences to the students who plan to enrol.
Prof. Amaratunga said that decisions taken by the UGC with regard to the registration of new students will be announced via its official website and the media, the release further stated.


Special request by the Government to Sri Lankan expats

The Government urges Sri Lankan expatriates who wish to return to their Motherland to safely remain where they are now until the risk of COVID – 19 virus minimized.
The Government has taken several effective initiatives to prevent the spread of the pathogen. In order to stop the virus coming into the country and its spread, the Government had completely banned overseas arrivals.
Other countries in the world too have taken similar step and suspended traveling within the country as well as foreign tours. The Government announces that the requests made by Sri Lankan students, businessmen and employees in overseas to return will be considered after containing the disease in the country.
They also run the risk of contracting the disease by traveling through airports or other places from where they are currently located.
Therefore, the Additional Secretary to the President on Foreign Relations, Admiral Jayanath Colombage requests all Sri Lankans who wish to return to stay safely where they are while sharing their information with the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate General offices in their respective countries.

Announcement on curfew

The Government insists that the public must strictly adhere to the curfew now in force island-wide.
Curfew has been imposed with the sole purpose of to preventing the spread of COVID – 19 which has now become a major health issues.
The Task Force entrusted with the management of the essential food and other items distribution has taken all the necessary measures to ensure continued door to door supply of essential items for the people to purchase.
While the curfew is in force no one should be on the roads at their freewill. Only the delivery vehicles permitted by the Task Force are allowed to ply. No other vehicle will be allowed on public roads without a valid curfew pass
Traveling to and from between any district is entirely prohibited. Transporting foreign tourists from place to place is also banned. Paddy farming and plantation including work on tea small holdings and fishing activities are permitted in any district. Airports and Ports will continue their regular operations.
Police and the Tri-Force should strictly implement curfew regulations.

Paddy purchasing from threshing floor begins

 The government will purchase paddy directly from the threshing floor from this week onwards, Information and Communication Technology State Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said.

The State Minister said that the purchasing from the 2019/20 Maha paddy harvest is now on and the Paddy Marketing Board (PMB) has already purchased 8,474 metric tonnes spending Rs. 423.7million.

The PMB has purchased 1462.8 metric tonnes from Mullaitvu, 921.6 metric tonnes from Killinochchi, 26.6 metric tonnes from Gampaha, 210.5 metric tonnes from Kurunegala, 190.6 metric tonnes from Puttlam, 25 metric tonnes from Jaffna,

384.9 metric tonnes from Anuradhapura, 652.8 metric tonnes from Vavuniya, 895.2 metric tonnes from Mannar, 1524.1 metric tonnes from Ampara, 2058.5 metric tonnes from Batticaloa, 69.6 metric tonnes from Trincomalee, 17.7 metric tonnes from Polonnaruwa, 1 metric tonne from Hambantota, 29.6 metric tonnes from Moneragala and 3.8 metric tonnes from Rathnapura.

State Minister Abeywardane told the media that a proper mechanism is in place to purchase the Maha paddy harvest on the instructions of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The Government, in line with the President’s Vision of Prosperity policy, has already commenced purchasing paddy at a minimum guaranteed price of Rs. 50 per kilogramme under the Government’s programme to purchase the paddy harvest of the Maha season 2019/2020.


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