At the completion of 100th day of the government, a plenty of policies have been made for the wellbeing of the masses- State Minister Lakshman  Yapa Abeywardena.

The contemporary government has been able to introduce multiple policies by the 100th day of its term and for their successful implementation, they should also mark the victory at the general election, said Hon. Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena, the State Minister of Information and Media at the press briefing held at the ministerial auditorium today (26).

The State Minister said that the government has decided to get deviated from the co-sponsoring to Geneava Human Rights council that the previous government had initiated with no approval of the authorized parties.

The State Minister further added that a special programme has been commenced on 20th February with a view to expanding the services delivered by the Postal Department with its digitalized approach.  

Moreover a special gazette notification has been released today with the approval of the director of the Consumer Affairs Authority stating maximum retailer price of Rs. 190 per one kilo of imported onions. He further emphasized that stern action would be taken against the sellers who sell them over the prescribed rate. 

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